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About us

Elzelina Van Melle

Elzelina is a Landscape Architect with wide experience from private offices in France and in Denmark which ranges from competitions to public space, residential areas and gardens. Graduated in Landscape Architecture from Versailles (ENSP), and with a Bachelor in design and Arts from ESAA Duperré in Paris, she has also close to 10 years teaching experience at Copenhagen University. Her ambition with EVM Landskab is to combine the best of nature and culture from each site and unfold them in the landscape design. Elzélina is also a gardener with experience in urban farming and permaculture and is active since 2 years as an IFLA delegate for the Danish Landscape Architect's Association (DL). You can read and Download Elzelinas CV here.

Nature based design

EVM Landskab is a company founded on the conviction that nature and culture can be combined to benefit people and all life forms. Sublime experiences in the landscape and gardens as well as nature's genius are our first sources of inspiration . We believe that landscape design secures the balance between technics and aesthetics, using human rational intelligence to actually ovoid obliterating natural processes and the beauties of our world and its capacity of surprising and helping us.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our approach is based on a multidisciplinary practice combining parallel experience with clients and practitioners, students and researchers. The studio defines itself through three complementary activities within the field of landscape architecture, that is to say doing projects, university teaching and research. The firm concept is thereby based on a sustainable circle where the concrete challenges set by projects are feeding content for teaching; while the students observations challenge us to question the current theory and method, which finally leads us to research for the development and experiment of new design tools for practice.

Project process

Projects typically starts with a site visit, identifying the experiential and ecological potential of the place. Following the physical analysis, we picture the first ideas to create the best possible dialogue with clients and/or users about the final result. A proposal is then mapped combined with drawings and material sampling in order to provide an understanding of the scale and details of the project. From the conceptual phase to the detailing of the project, our design method is to look back and forth on the existing built and grown structures, their specific aesthetic and their capacity of evolution. This allow us to find resilient constructive solutions with a maximum flexibility of uses unfolding the landscape's full living potentials.