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Ørestad School

  • 03 Jul

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HOW: As an employee at BOGL Landskab
CLIENT: Københavns Ejendom
WHEN: 2012


Playgrounds at Ørestad School, south Copenhagen, Denmark

The then newly built Ørestad School was to get landscape and facilities for two different playgrounds. The one part takes place on the school “Platform”, which is the recreational area for primary and secondary school children on top of a three-story high parking deck. The large room is covered with an existing asphalt surface, which contains smaller rubber spaces such as two pergolas with seating furniture, play equipment for children and teens, plantations and a ball field.
Ørestad School is built along a canal where the second playground is located: “Krattet”. Designed for smaller children, the latter is made to fit into the existing shrubbery in which circular clearings have been made. All rooms are wooden designed to support the materiality of the place, and to stimulate the sensuality and imagination of the children. A Tarzan trail swings through the planting and ties the various play areas together.