EVM Landskab | Den Gule Trekant

WHAT: Design proposal, renovation, planting design
COLLABORATION: With Laura Kate Parsons
CLIENT: Forening Den Gule Trekant, Copenhagen
WHEN: 2020

PHOTOS CREDITS: Laura Parsons & Elzelina Van Melle


Courtyard renovation project for the housing association Den Gule Trekant in Vesterbro.

Prior to our work, the residents of Den Gule Trekant held a workshop to harvest ideas and wishes for the renovation project of their courtyard. Some of these ideas became the basis for our analysis and design proposal.

Improve the play area to a multifunctional space for kids AND grown ups, improve the space to reorganise bike parkings and trash sheds, create aesthetical and robust plantings as well as cosy spots for eating or meeting each other.

Our design take advantage of the challenging narrow situation of the yard and leads towards using the vertical space in order to optimise greening, and hopefully to make space for new utilities. We see it as an opportunity to play with the concept of a multifunctional, playful garden, with social cosy corners both in the sun and in the shade. We see the restoration of the main heart of the courtyard as a priority and an opportunity to turn the yard into a more gardened space, low in
maintenance but with high delight value, with the following focus:

– Solve functional issues
– Refine overall spatial coherence
– Create a more gardened atmosphere
– Optimize space design for all users

See the full presentation HERE.