EVM Landskab | Nordic House’s Park

  • 15 Jul

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COLLABORATION: With Landscape Architect Ingrid Kristensson
CLIENTS: Reykjavik Municipality, Nordens Hus
WHEN: 2012


Requalification of a park in Reykjavik, Island

The wetland around the Nordic House is to become a more recreational spaces with better and faster connection between the Nordic Houses and Reykjavik City Center. The new geometries of the park are inspired by Aalto’s functionalistic design and in contrast with the existing organic vegetation of the wetland. The park invites visitors to experience a range of rooms inspired by the nordic landscape: reedbed, highgrass loans and low woodlands composing with spaces and diverse biotopes to offer outdoor activities on a visit to the Nordic house. A long winding wall extends from northeast to southwest is used as a windshield and creates protected sunbathing spots keeping the experience of nature away from parking spaces and noise from the road. The red gravel trail links the Nordic house and with central Reykjavik.