EVM Landskab | Live Tree

WHAT: Prototyping 3D augmented reality tool for tree planting on-site visualization (in progress)
COLLABORATION: With Kirt & Thomsen
CLIENT: Potential developer, ground owner, municipalities
WHEN: 2021-2023


With this innovation-driven project we are using latest technologies for visualizing data on trees. The aim is the development of a simple digital tool that can convey possibilities and potentials about planting trees in a selected environment. We seek to develop a prototype in 2021 and test it with target groups and further develop it to a well-functioning product available for public use by 2023. 

With this work we wish to broaden understanding about the positive impact of trees on us humans and on the local environment. This mobile 3d tool should support concrete ideas of ​future projects including trees. Knowledge about trees (their qualities, their impact on the environment or our health) can be retrieved via platforms such as i-tree or specialized research articles. But often these data can not be visualized in an accessible way nor taking in account the exact planting location.

Such a tool can support decision-making or conversation between a landowner and a consultant or sers who wants to foresee the impact of several living trees in their immediate environment. One will be able to visualize potentials for a particular place or area with the only use of a smartphone connected to the Internet. In this way, we hope to make knowledge about trees more accessible to everyone in Denmark, as well as to open up opportunities for planting more trees in cities and in the countryside (gardens, streets, squares, unused corners…)


Visualize how trees improve the environment, in large and small quantities, in the city or rural areas… even on your street or backyard!