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Cambrai Road Ring

  • 15 Jan

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HOW: As employee at EPURE
CLIENT: Region Nord.
WHEN: 2010


Landscape analysis and rendering for the construction a ring road in Cambrai, North of France

In connection with the construction of a new ring road, a landscape study was made for informing the main project. A major focus was to integrate the road through the landscape which the road was to be crossing through. The work consist of qualifying diverse characters of the landscape that the road meets: from the entrance of the town, through hilly agricultural land, to the forested Escot valley. Cooperation with ecologists was sought to minimize the impact of traffic on local fauna and flora, as well as dialogue with road engineers, and inhabitants allowed us to consider the use of the road at many angles: from bird life to water management or driving visibility. The landscape analysis helped raising awareness about the landscape qualities that frame the new infrastructure.