EVM Landskab | Humlebæk South

  • 21 Oct

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HOW: As an employee at BOGL Landskab
CLIENT: Humlebæk Municipality 
WHEN: 2011


Masterplan for the urban extention in south Humlebæk, Denmark

Humlebæk South’s new master plan is divided into two residential areas and complementary concepts: “Edge” and “Villages”. The edge is a compact neighborhood along the northern side of the existing town with low high-rise buildings. This new line is in close connection with the two existing schools, public transport and the central city functions. A “channel” is a park like elongated space that collects and cleans water from the surrounding neighborhoods. By concentrating the city in the ‘edge’, the open country released by urban spread permit the creation of six small “villages” or house clusters. As their name designate”Dalen” (valley), “Mosen”(marsh) , “Engen” (prairy), etc., each village must be built in close relation to its local surrounding landscape.