EVM Landskab | Langelinie School

  • 21 May

  • Elzélina Van Melle

COLLABORATION: With Ditte with Happy Humans and Bureau Detours
CLIENT: Langelinie Skole, Copenhagen Municipality
WHEN: 2017


Plans and plantings for the renovation of Langelinie Skole, in Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

EVM Landskab drew the landscape and planned the plantings for the conversion of the school’s outdoor areas to better learning rooms for kids. We do mainly by adding relevant edible vegetation at different spots in the schoolyards like: “the street garden”, “the pergola”, “the sun yard” etc. The project aims at supporting educational activities like ecology, gardening and cooking while involving both teaching staff, kids and volunteers from the local area to establish and maintain the new planted beds. In that way we intend to create a green oasis for the local community in this that the school can be used as a leisure space in the weekends and that the plants are taken care of by the school’s neighbours. The projects is made in relation with the network-based group Grønneskolegård and supported by Sharing Copenhagen, Statens Kunstfond and Østerbro Lokaludvalg among others.


Grønneskolegårde er igang lige nu, her på Langelinieskolen. Naboer er velkomne til at komme og gi en hånd med, så vi kan forskønne området.

Opslået af Susanne Borg på 17. maj 2017