EVM Landskab | Orangery Clair Obscur

  • 18 Jan

  • Elzélina Van Melle

COLLABORATION: With Architect Gorm Schmidt and Landscape Architect
CLIENT: GL. Holtegaard Kunst Museu
WHEN: 2015


The Pavilion is based on the passage of time, the cycle of the year and the journey of materials. Sunlight and the living image of the garden. This project propose to experience at summer time the “Camera obscura” effect inside a small orangery build of upcycled windows, bricks and a floor of sea shells. Windows are shut for light with golden foil in order to create the black box while a small hole in line with sunlight will display the image of the garden outside, as people use to do in baroque time. The Burgmansia tree stands outside in the summer  and appear on the image inside, while at winter, it will be taken in where the windows will be cleared of the golden foil to let light warm the pavilion.