EVM Landskab | Urban Nature Center

  • 18 Dec

  • Elzélina Van Melle

COLLABORATION: With, Richard Hare, Landscape Architect Mdl
CLIENT: Brønshøj-Husum Lokaludvalg
WHEN: 2016


Visualisation of Natur Byen, new nature center in Copenhagen, Denmark

This work aims at communicating the municipalities vision about creating a new Nature Center in the north of Copenhagen. This includes a strong coherence and care about the sit’s landscape and its potential for outdoor activities.  The projects is built in close relation with the existing youth activity center “Energi Voldparken”, a water system, a glass dome for indoor teaching and experiments, and outdoor shelters and garden spaces. The visuals were used for workshops and funding application in order to get a step forward in the process of realising it.