EVM Landskab | The Lighthouse

  • 26 Apr

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COLLABORATION: With design Engineer Torbjørn Westh
CLIENT: Copenhagen Municipality
WHEN 2013


Design proposal for the design of ashtrays for the city of in Copenhagen, Denmark

The concept is inspired by on one of the tower from the Copenhagen City logo. The ashtray is called the Lighthouse, as a reference to the way a cigarette is illuminated and to the shape of the tower and the light set in the top, which shines at discretely at night. The design is deliberately close to the municipality’s standards to fit the product into the Copenhagen urban spaces where many objects already fill space (bus stop, road signs, trash bins..). The exciting part of it is in the use of which should make the smokers take the extra step to use the ashtray instead of throwing their used cigaret on the pavement. A sensor and display tells the number of cigarette stored in the ashtray and encouraging message to keep Copenhagen clean for wasted butts.